Yusuke Hasegawa

From Japan (Chiba)

born in 1983.





Japanese street musician. He has been busking over the world.

In the midst of traveling with music, he has been meeting with new persons and any ethnic musics.

Afterwards, his play style has changing with fixing to that place’s climates, surrounding and people.


His music can not be in category, his music is exceed in category. You can feel this grand beautiful world from his music.

There is nothing like his music. So he is the only one parson who can play his music because of nobody having the experience like him.


He plays Didgeridoo with Djembe, Drums, Trance music and any other instruments at Toronto, Canada now.

You should check his music, his music might change at tomorrow!




Wrote by Hokuto Aizawa

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  • Around Collage and Bathurst street, Toronto, ON, Canda