At Hot box in Kensington of Toronto,Canada in September.


『Beginning of Music』


1999 -  When he turned 16 years old, who was impressed with a CD that is “THE BLUE HEARTS – LIVE ALL SOLD OUT”, then he started to play music as a vocalist in the band. Since that moment, he was determined to become a musician.




      c; 1985 – 1995. That is the legendary Japanese punk rock band. The band has impact on many artists even now.  “LIVE ALL SOLD OUT” is the first live album of them.



2003 – His band made many songs and played a lot of gigs, then realized that ” To earn his living by music was too difficult”. He quitted the band, and went to India as a backpacker with empty feelings.


『An encounter with Blues』


2005 – He went to New Zealand and saw a Japanese guy on local newspaper, who made money as a street musician with blues music. After going back to Japan, he was fascinated by blues music because it is simple and cool. He used to practice the blues guitar 15 hours per day for a month and to go to some place where can listen to blues music in Tokyo, but he couldn’t meet what he wanted.

So he got to Chicago in the U.S to look for what he really wanted which is the real blues music. At day time, he played guitar and harmonica with songs on the street. At night, he got exposed to the music by seeing gigs in bars.

He was affected by blues in Chicago, but it wasn’t what he was finding because the mainstream in the city was Chicago blues, and he was looking for Delta blues(old style). he went to back to his country 3 weeks later since he had arrived at America.

Chicago blues ― Usually play with electric guitars.


Delta blues - Singing with just an acoustic guitar. YUSUKE couldn’t meet this kind of blues in Chicago.


『Beginning of Journey』


2007 - He tried to go to Australia because he hadn’t met his ideal blues but he thought “Going to Australia by plane is too easy”, then he bought bicycle “Great Journey”, and started on a journey with few luggage, a maintenance book about bicycle and a mini guitar.

2008 - Journey started at his hometown which is Chiba in Japan. When he visited in Pakxe Laos,  he met 4 people who belonged ti the team of American mountain bicycle. YUSUKE rode with them till Bangkok Thailand. They sometimes jammed with their instrument and his mini guitar. Sometimes went to  primary school in the countryside of Cambodia, then played some music and introduced their own countries.

Web site of American bicycle team. YUSUKE was running part of 2007‐2008 trip.


Load report. You can see YUSUKE.


『Master of Blues』


2008 - On October, after 3 months since he arrived at Australia, he began to hitchhiker and worked temporary. One day, when he was walking outside (bruce highway) with guitar, he was stopped by a guy who has tattoo on his whole body and looks like mafia,  but this guy was tatally impressed by YUSUKE’s music life.

His name was David. After that YUSUKE visited his house, because David wanted to show his play. YUSUKE was impressed by his play, which was what he really wanted. He worked in a garden to make up for leaning blues from David .

3 weeks later, David and YUSUKE were kicked out by landlady because David was a just gigolo. So they promised to see each others again, and YUSUKE left the town to earn money.

Two months later, when he went walked to the town where David lived. they met for just a minute. Then YUSUKE learned blues from him crazily for 2 months.

2009 - After leaving David, he made money in a farm and slight busking, but he decided to be a street musician because he couldn’t make money as much as enough in a farm, then person who worked in a farm  told he “you might be a musician when you play busking in Perth”, so he went to Perth in Australia with believing his voice.

At first, he played blues on the street, but he’s play style had changed to drumming with commodity for adjust the music to the climate there.




2011 - After go back to Japan once, he went to Perth Australia again in half a year. At that time, his friend played a didgeridoo, and YUSUKE felt the universe from didgeridoo. That moment had changed his play style to the his current one. He played at Perth charity street live for big earthquake in Japan at the same time.

Perth charity street live. Blue aloha shirt is YUSUKE

2011 - Played busking with Djembe at Singapore for a month in September.

Clarke Quay of Singapore in September


『Refused entry into Australia』


2012 - When he tried to re-enter Perth as tourist, he was refused by the immigration center because of the acres of the instruments he had. Then he was sent to a jail by immigration. The night they had a music concert by chance in jail, somebody suddenly started playing  jam sessions, and YUSUKE joined them. He realized again  the power of music that can go beyond language and place.


『Activity in Japan』


2012 - After he came back to Japan, he released 1ST ALBUM『Natural Music』, PV『Bamboo Bosa』, 『Guitar Ocean』 and 『SUKE BLUES』, and he got some offers of live performance in hotel and restaurant when he played Gamelan (Traditional Indonesian music ensemble) inside tunnel of station. His activities got wider.

2012 - Played at festival “Ainu Moshiri” for Hokkaido Ainu (Native Japanese) and Played live at Bar Old in Tomakomai Hokkaido.

In front of Bar Old at Tomakomai Hokkaido of North Japan in August.

at Bar Old, with Jomon Trance 3 peace band – Labilabi


2012 -On September, he went to Singapore again to train music, and to play busking Didgeridoo and Djembe for a month.

Clarke Quay of Singapore in September.

Busking in Singapore


2012 - When he was waiting for the Visa for India for 3 weeks, he played the guitar and harmonica with songs at some bar in Bangkok of  Thailand. He went to India for practice, playing music, meditation and to do yoga. At that time, he made “Namasute brothers” with his friend Wata.

The beatles temple and Namaste Brothers


Playing music at Hindu temple


Namaste Brothers


2013 - On March, returned to Japan to get Visa of  Canadian and U.K.


『to London, to Toronto』


2013 - Started busking and sale original CD at Nottingham and London, then he went to Toronto Canada.


At London U.K. ( Brick lane market )


2013 - On September, changed to his current play style that plays Djumbe and Drums with Didgeridoo, and then started playing at Toronto  in Canada.

2013 - When he was played from end of year to the new year, his fingers almost died because  Toronto got too cold.

2012 – Boxing Day. It was too cold!


2014 - On June, organized his own party “SUKE★ROCK Fes”, and succeed it.



2014 - On July, released 2nd album “Peace of mind and PV [Didge Trance] (Direction by Akira Ishitsuka). At this period, he changed the name to YUSUKE because it’s easier to remember.

YUSUKE Interview


2014 - Released new tunes, Didge Drums, Suke Blues, Dancing Didge, Hom Beat, TIbal Sound, Healing of Animals, Happy Tune and Music High. Changed 6 tunes to these tunes in 2nd album of  “peace of mind”. Then the whole tunes of the album have been Didgeridoo sounds with another instruments, and tried to mix with electronic music.

2014 - Until this year, his activity has been wider to play at cafe, bar and art gallery, and played busking of his origin more than 300 times.


YUSUKE has been changing to adjust to countries’ climate, atmosphere and surroundings with using his experience of traveling with music over the world. His music is evolving even now.


Wrote by Hokuto Aizawa